Tourists are no longer allowed to disembark on Capri

Tourists are no longer allowed to disembark on Capri
Tourists are no longer allowed to disembark on Capri

View from the Bar Funicolare in Capri town – the background is dominated by Mount Vesuvius on the Italian mainland.

The reason: After a defect in the water pipe that supplies Capri with water from the mainland, the island’s supply collapsed. Currently, only residents of Capri are allowed to enter the island, according to a decree issued by the mayor.

In this emergency, Capri has no water reserves to meet the needs of residents and tourists. At present, water supplies are still guaranteed in most parts of the island in the Gulf of Naples. However, this only comes from local water reservoirs, which are in danger of running out without supplies from the mainland. This emergency is being made worse by the daily influx of thousands of tourists, the ordinance continued. In some areas in the west of Capri, water is no longer reaching the island.

Ticket sales suspended

The halt in tourist arrivals had immediate consequences at the ports on the mainland. Following the mayor’s decree, ticket sales for the ferries were suspended, as the news agency Ansa reported. Ships that had already set off for Capri were asked by the authorities to return. Long queues formed at the ticket counters in Naples and Sorrento.

On Thursday, there was a breakdown in the main water pipe in the municipality of Castellammare di Stabia in the southern Italian region of Campania. The pipe supplies Capri and the Sorrento peninsula. The repair work was completed on schedule, but technical problems had arisen again, the water company Gori said. As a result, the water supply is still interrupted. Work is continuing to resolve the problems and restore the supply.

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