How much can Uruguay win in economic prizes?

How much can Uruguay win in economic prizes?
How much can Uruguay win in economic prizes?

The different teams will receive 2 million dollars for participating, and the amount will increase as they advance through the stages of the regional tournament.

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The America Cup It is one of the most important tournaments for the continent’s teams, not only in sporting terms, but also because of the financial prizes that each team receives as they advance through the stages of the competition. How much can you earn in Uruguay Should you reach the final and win a new title?

Uruguay is at the top of the table of winners of the America Cup: next to Argentina, came out Sky blue She was champion 15 times and, starting on her debut on Sunday, she will seek her sixteenth Olympic return in USA. If achieved, in addition to sporting glory, the selected team will receive a total of 16 million dollars.

This is the amount of the prize that the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) will be awarded to the team that wins the tournament, and will be added to the various disbursements that the organization will make throughout the Cup.

How much can the winning team receive?

To start, each participating team receives 2 million dollars just for playing the group stage of the America Cup. The Conmebol will distribute a record total of 72 million dollars in total, so the rest of the budget – 40 million dollars – will be distributed in prizes for results and classifications.

In this way, the teams that advance to quarter finals, they will receive another 2 million dollars. Between the semi-finals, The team that comes fourth will take 4 million and the third, 5 million dollars. Finally, the second place will receive 7 million dollars, while the champion He will return home with the cup and an extra 8 million dollars.

Therefore, the team that wins the Copa America 2024 will receive, in total, 16 million dollars.

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