The controversy between private banks and workers is revived over the PIT-CNT plebiscite

The controversy between private banks and workers is revived over the PIT-CNT plebiscite
The controversy between private banks and workers is revived over the PIT-CNT plebiscite

The private banks They questioned the PIT-CNT plebiscite to repeal the social security reform and they warned that, if approved, it will result in an increase in taxes, in reference to its effects on the Uruguayan economy.

This is how he warned him Barbara Mainzer president of the Association of Private Banks of Uruguay (ABPU), who stated in a conversation with Radio Montecarlo that the union proposal “implies a very important increase in spent”.

Mainz considered that the plebiscite generates “extreme concern” about the increase in the cost of retirements and pensions. “Today, of every 2 pesos, only 1 is collected by contributions and we all pay the other general income. If it is increased, of every 3 pesos, it will be 1 contribution and 2 of the contribution of all of us,” he warned.

“I see it as a system that today is extremely deficit and if we give it 7 points of VAT, plus other assigned taxes, plus personal and employer contributions, plus an additional contribution, increases your expense. How do you avoid increasing taxes?” questioned the head of APBU.

A system “against the grain of the world” and the mention of Argentina

On the other hand, Mainzer evaluated that the country has “a aging population and in all parts of the world the retirement age is increasing,” after which he explained: “We are living longer and longer and a large part of people reach the age of 60 in very good physical and mental condition.”

“The reform goes against the grain of the best practices in the world, which occurs in the Nordic countries, with a system of individual savings extremely powerful,” highlighted the economist.

At the other extreme, he located the reform that took place in a neighboring country. “The worst system is that of Argentina, “who confiscated the savings,” he noted about the changes implemented in the former president’s government. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

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The BPS union assures that there is no need to raise taxes

Meanwhile, since the Association of Social Security Workers (ATSS) considered that an increase in taxes and they trusted that there will be a plebiscite, despite the high rejection of signatures by the Electoral Court.

“There is no need to raise taxes, VAT nor the contribution of workers to social security. He Social Security Bank (BPS) “has sufficient solvency to face any crisis,” he said. Karina Sosa, president of the ATSS, in statements to Radio Montecarlo.

The union leader agreed with repealing the reform by pointing out that “what needs to be done is for the privatized money”, estimated at around 22 billion dollars.

Regarding the criticism, Sosa maintained that it is “a social problem, not a political one” and said that “the unrest It comes from the attack that is made on the financial sector, on the banks, which are the owners of the AFAPs and they are the only ones who benefit from the privatization of money.”

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