Tragic swimming accident: 19-year-old drowned in Goldwörther bathing lake

Tragic swimming accident: 19-year-old drowned in Goldwörther bathing lake
Tragic swimming accident: 19-year-old drowned in Goldwörther bathing lake


In summer temperatures, a group of six from Iran, along with hundreds of other bathers, set off for the Goldwörth bathing lake at around 2 p.m. The family from Linz planned to camp with their friends on the south-western shore.

  • Localization: The serious bathing accident occurred in this area

In the middle of the lake there was a floating island, secured to the bottom with a large stone. A 19-year-old from the group wanted to bring it to the shore at around 8 p.m. He swam over, untied the anchor, pulled the stone onto the island and jumped into the water. He then tried to push the heavy island to the shore by swimming.

Tow rope tied around waist

The attempt failed; the island was too heavy. Once back on the shore, he came up with a new – and momentous – idea: the floating island should be pulled to the shore using a tow rope. No sooner said than done. The boy’s 38-year-old mother brought the rope out of the car. The 19-year-old tied it around his waist.

After he had swum about six meters towards his destination, he suddenly screamed loudly for help, according to the police. The 19-year-old went under very quickly, Clemens Lehner-Redl from the State Police Directorate told the OÖN.

His 45-year-old father and a 37-year-old friend immediately rushed into the water, but could not find the boy.

“Divers found him quickly”

The emergency services were alerted shortly after 8 p.m. “The drowned man was found relatively quickly by the fire department’s divers and brought to shore. But there was nothing more that could be done for him,” said Commander Matthias Kaimberger of the Goldwörth Volunteer Fire Department in an interview with the OÖN. Around ten divers from the Eferding, Aschach and Plöcking fire departments in the municipality of Sankt Martin were on duty, said the Commander. “There must have been around five divers in the water when they found him.” The rope was still tied around the lifeless body. A crisis intervention team cared for the bereaved.

  • Turned out well again: More excitement at the Laakirchen outdoor pool – mother and son almost drowned

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