Can I refuse to be president of the CRV?

Can I refuse to be president of the CRV?
Can I refuse to be president of the CRV?

The Vote Receiving Commission consists of three officials who are in charge of receiving the votes.

Next Sunday, the 30th of this month, the non-mandatory internal elections of the political parties and officials who participate in the elections will be held. Vote Receptive Commissions (CRV) They have already been informed of their participation in the event. However, the question arises as to whether those selected by the Electoral Court may or may not refuse to participate in the CRV.

In dialogue with Ambit, the official of the Electoral Court, Andrea Vicentino, commented that 90 days before each State agency sends a payroll to the court of the public workers who participate in it. From there, the work of the Electoral Court is to designate the officials who will participate in the CRV.

These are made up of a president, a secretary and a member, as well as substitutes for each position. On the other hand, the novelty of these elections is that now there is the figure of the facilitator, who is in charge of helping during the entire day in those premises that have more than one CRV.

Can officials refuse to participate in the CRV?

Now, once the positions of each official have been designated according to the civic credential – which corresponds to the city in which they vote – they must confirm their participation through each organization that communicates their responsibility.

Once informed, it is necessary to remember that by law all public employees have the obligation to participate in the CRV when they are appointed. However, there may be two exceptions that have to be analyzed by the Electoral Board.

One of them is the presentation of a medical certificate specifying that the official cannot fulfill his obligations, so he would be impersonated. Another of them is the organization of a trip prior to the allocations being known, so the official must present proof of tickets and stays to justify their lack, although this will be analyzed later by the Electoral Board.

Source: Ambito

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