15 planes and 6 ships of the regime surrounded the island

15 planes and 6 ships of the regime surrounded the island
15 planes and 6 ships of the regime surrounded the island

Taiwan authorities reported this Sunday that they detected the presence of 15 fighters and six ships of the Chinese Armed Forces in the vicinity of the island within the framework of the escalation of tensions between the parties.

He Taiwanese Ministry of Defense He pointed out that around 6:00 a.m. (local time) the presence of six ships and 15 planes was recorded around Taiwan and highlighted that eight of them crossed the middle line of the strait and entered from the north and southwest, into the air defense identification zone of the island.

The country’s Armed Forces monitored the situation and responded “accordingly,” as explained by the authorities through the social network X.

What Taiwan authorities said

For his part, the president of Taiwan, William Lai, ruled out “give in to pressure” exerted by Chinawhich considers the island another province under its sovereignty and has threatened to take action if the authorities launch “independence” actions.

The annexation of Taiwan is China’s national policy. In addition to increasing its military strength, it has increased its methods of coercion in an attempt to bring Taiwan into submission.“, said.

“The Taiwanese people have shown their absolute resolve in this regard and will continue to fight to defend their democracy and their free way of life,” Lai said during a press conference.

However, he stated that the island wants to “avoid conflict”.

True peace is not just empty words, peace guaranteed through force is true peace“, stated Lai before criticizing the “war games launched by China after its takeover”, in which he alluded to the independence of Taiwan.

Why the conflict between China and Taiwan worsened

The situation around Taiwan worsened last year, after the visit of the now former president of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosiwhich was reciprocated with a visit to Washington by a Taiwanese delegation.

From Beijing, the Chinese authorities have reiterated on numerous occasions that Taiwan’s independence will not be tolerated and that they will not rule out the use of force to prevent secession.

Ties between China and Taiwan, which it considers another province under its sovereignty, were severed in 1949 after Nationalist Party forces Kuomitang suffered defeat in the civil war against the Pcommunist art and they will move to the archipelago. Relations were reestablished only at a business and informal level in the late 1980s.


The Chinese authorities have reiterated on numerous occasions that Taiwan independence will not be tolerated

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