The five key phrases from Yamandú Orsi’s speech

The five key phrases from Yamandú Orsi’s speech
The five key phrases from Yamandú Orsi’s speech

The Broad Front candidate closed his campaign this Sunday ahead of the internal elections.

The favorite candidate in the polls in the internal elections inside of the Broad Front, Yamandú Orsi, He closed his campaign this Sunday highlighting the importance of unity within the party, focusing on the education and health of the Uruguay and taking shots at the current government and its recent scandals.

From the city of Las Piedras, at the San Isidro Gymnasium, the former mayor of cannelloni He arrived accompanied by a caravan of his followers who accompanied him from the beginning of his path to meet his voters and the public figures who were waiting for him there.

Among the most notable topics were the importance of memory within the party, the improvement in education and the health system, unity among the pre-candidates for the internal elections, and the call to voters to participate next Sunday. and the strength of Wide Front against those who want to see him fall.

The salient points of Cosse’s speech

Below are the most notable phrases from the speech:

  • “We are driven by the memory of those who imagined this and those who carried out the transformations at the time when it was their turn to assume responsibility and, of course, we continue to admire and find the value of people like Seregni, Tabaré or Danilo himself.”
  • “We must make the revolution of simple things. Today we are going to consider that the gurises return to school. Today we are going to consider the extension of pedagogical time. Today we are going to consider the role of teachers in the evolution of education. Today we are going to consider transforming the integrated national health system.”
  • “We have three pre-candidates who are willing to assume that responsibility and we have teams that tell us: “Let’s go up.” Of course, internally we always look at them from the side, but it is a healthy competition, the sectors align, we make proposals and We are willing to assume the responsibility that the Wide Front tell us.”
  • “If we feel that our country is losing prestige due to a series of scandals that transcend borders, let’s go vote on the 30th.”
  • “Those who wait for the disappearance, implosion or fracture of the Broad Front can continue to sit and wait.”

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