Jorge Gandini was open to joining the National Party formula

Jorge Gandini was open to joining the National Party formula
Jorge Gandini was open to joining the National Party formula

The senator and presidential candidate for the National Party (PN), Jorge Gandiniwas open to integrating the formula of his political force as a candidate for vice president in case he did not win the internal elections and had to accompany the winner.

This Monday, in an interview with Radio Oriental, the Wilsonian politician assured that it would be an “honor” to accompany the winner of the nationalist internal election as a candidate for vice president, although this did not mean that he was “proposing” his name.

This weekend, Gandini, who holds 11% of the voting intentions within the internal party, according to the latest Consulting Teams survey, stated that he maintains a “great expectation” of putting “second place” in dispute.

The pollster gives the former Secretary of the Presidency as a clear favorite, Alvaro Delgadowith 64% of the sympathies, followed by the economist Laura Raffowith 25% of them.

In that sense, Gandini recalled this Monday that the senator Juan Sartori He came second in the 2019 internal race, but that did not mean he shared the formula with the Republic President, Luis Lacalle Pouwho was then inclined to choose Beatriz Argimon as his vice presidential candidate.

The National Party debates its presidential formula against the clock

“If he had gotten 35%, instead of 20% or 21%, it might have been a different story,” Gandini said of Sartori, who today supports Delgado’s candidacy. In turn, he confirmed that on Sunday the 30th the PN Board of Directors will decide the presidential formula, but that the “invisible darning” of it will be done in the previous days, during the ban.

“The conversations begin there, and if something leaks, since you cannot talk about politics, it does not transcend either,” Gandini said before adding: “It is important not to spread names that later do not prosper and are dented.”

Among the names being discussed to accompany Delgado in a potential victory are Laura Raffo herself, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbelechethe former Minister of Public Health and member of Town meeting, Daniel Salinasand senator Gloria Rodriguezamong others.

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