European Human Rights Court condemns Russia’s Crimean regime

European Human Rights Court condemns Russia’s Crimean regime
European Human Rights Court condemns Russia’s Crimean regime

The ECHR has condemned Russia for systematic human rights violations in Crimea.

This was the decision of the judges in Strasbourg on Tuesday, thereby accepting a complaint filed by Ukraine. Russia does not recognize the rulings of the court, which is based at the Council of Europe.

The country was excluded from the Council of Europe because of its war of aggression against Ukraine, which has been ongoing since February 2022. This means that it is no longer a member of the European Convention on Human Rights, which the Court ensures compliance with. However, the Court can continue to rule on incidents that occurred up to six months after the exclusion. The Council of Europe, the Human Rights Convention and the Court are independent of the EU.

In 2014, Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea in violation of international law. The decision now pending was not about the annexation itself, but about the behavior of Russian troops afterward. Ukraine complained, among other things, of abductions, illegal detentions, mistreatment, and the suppression of the Ukrainian media and the Ukrainian language in schools. In addition, Moscow had persecuted pro-Ukrainian activists not only in Crimea, but throughout Ukraine and Russia.

The judges largely agreed. They unanimously found that Russia had violated the right to life, the prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment and freedom of expression in Crimea, among other things. There was sufficient evidence that there was a pattern behind this and that the incidents in Crimea had been tolerated by the Russian authorities.

This article was last updated on June 25, 2024 at 12:48 p.m.

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