A hidden grill that pays tribute to modern Argentine cuisine

A hidden grill that pays tribute to modern Argentine cuisine
A hidden grill that pays tribute to modern Argentine cuisine

Selected meats and seasonal vegetables coexist in this hidden grill that invites you to taste avant-garde dishes where the characteristic flavors of Argentine cuisine are the true protagonists.

With a mysterious location in the underground of the Hotel Mio Buenos Airesthis sophisticated grill run by the executive chef Agustín Brañas pays tribute to the modern argentine cuisine with premium meats and seasonal vegetables worked with avant-garde techniques. Through revisited classic dishes—accompanied by regional wines and classic and signature cocktails— Rufino invites you to enjoy a groundbreaking and quality culinary experience.

Upon entering, you can see an environment that looks like a modern design characterized by leather and wood, accompanied by dim lighting and music in tune with the space. In the main living room, an elegant sofa, a cocktail bar and a wall decorated with a striking mural stand out at first glance. The space is divided into areas with tables for two and four people, and areas with armchairs to create a more intimate atmosphere. From the interior, you can see the terrace, where a delicate waterfall combines with a neon light that bears the name of the restaurant and creates a calm and modern atmosphere.

At Rufino you can taste a menu composed of high quality dishes that highlight Argentine gastronomy. The experience begins with a variety of hot and cold appetizers, such as spinach fritters with lemon and aioli, beet carpaccio, tongue with vinaigrette, fried empanadas (humita, green and mozzarella cheese; knife-cut roast; blood sausage; Patagonian lamb) accompanied by slightly spicy uncooked tomato yasgua sauce, artisanal chorizo ​​with Creole salad and chimichurri and sweetbread with cauliflower puree and red cabbage sauerkraut. Among the main dishes, meats stand out – such as 750 g bone-in rib eye with chimichurri butter and garlic; lacquered bondiola in black beer and honey sauce accompanied by crispy sweet potatoes and Neapolitan-style pork matambrito—and roasted vegetables—such as bell pepper stuffed with a mix of cheeses, caramelized onion, pepper and parsley; and roasted cauliflower with yogurt, herbs and capers. For dessert, there are options such as homemade flan with dulce de leche and cream; pear in red wine with strawberry sorbet, cream and caramelized nuts and creamy chocolate accompanied by crunchy nuts and Patagonian sea salt crystals.

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The wine list offers traditional and modern selections from various regions of the country with labels ranging from light flavors to more intense options, while the cocktails include signature options, such as the Noche Nuestro (mint white, Cynar and grapefruit soda) and the Rufina (rum, citrus mix, passion fruit, red fruits and soda), and also remakes of classics, such as Argenpisco (traditional pisco sour with a touch of malbec) and Rufino tonic (Campari, Amargo obrero and tonic).

Since 2018, Rufino stands out for transmitting in each of its dishes the essence of the classic Argentine grill from an avant-garde approach, giving a twist to the characteristic flavors of national cuisine through selected meats and seasonal vegetables.

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Address: Av. Pres. Manuel Quintana 465, Basement of Hotel Mío Buenos Aires, Recoleta.

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