The Electoral Court finalizes details for the most complex election

The Electoral Court finalizes details for the most complex election
The Electoral Court finalizes details for the most complex election

The organization finishes preparing the ballot boxes with the documents and equipment required by the CRV, while warning about the level of difficulty that the scrutiny will have.

The Electoral Court is ending with what is known as “the sowing of urns”, that is, the assembly of the urns with all the documents and equipment that the members of the Voting Receiving Commissions (CRV) need to carry out the internal elections on Sunday in all Uruguay.

With just five days left until the elections, the Electoral Court is finalizing the details so that, on Sunday, Uruguayans can begin electing their representatives for the 2025-2030 period. In this regard, the minister of the state organization, José Garchitorena explained to Subrayado that on Thursday, members of the Armed forces They will take the ballot boxes to all the circuits throughout the country.

The most complex choice

According to Garchitorena, “the internal election surely has the scrutiny more complex due to the number of parties, the number of pre-candidates, there are two voting sheets.” “It is the most complex scrutiny of the electoral cycle,” he highlighted, after remembering that there are more than 3,500 lists throughout the country.

This happens because each candidate, from each party, presents two lists, one for the National Deliberative Body -the National Convention that will formalize the presidential formula of each party—and the Departmental Deliberative Body -the Departmental Convention, which will then proclaim the candidates of each party for the 2025 departmental elections.

Due to the number of lists there are for Sunday’s election and taking into account that each party and sector is responsible for taking the lists to the voting tables, the Electoral Court recommends to those who are going to vote – suffrage is voluntary in this instance—to bring the list or lists that they are going to put in the envelope.

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