reveal details about the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

reveal details about the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump
reveal details about the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

The strategies are already defined: the current president will focus his speech on immigration policies and criticism of former President Trump by extreme measures during his administration. The leader of the Republican Party, for his part, has a relaxed, informal and poorly prepared strategy.

Biden, precisely, announced in June two important measures with which it aims to face migration challenges and appeal to the electorate: an asylum ban to reduce illegal crossings at the US-Mexico border and broad legalization of residents married to US citizens.

The two policies, one aimed at rejecting new immigrants and another focused on legalizing hundreds of thousands who are already in the country, illustrate the delicate political balance that Biden has had to make in his race for a new term in the White House.

Elections in the US: details about the presidential debate revealed

After the draw, it was established that Biden You will be able to choose the place you will place on the stage and the order of the statements finals. In this case, Trump will be the speaker who closes the debate.

Biden Trump


The candidates, in addition, They will not have teleprompters nor will they be able to have ready files on their lectern.but they will be able to take notes and will have the opportunity to meet with their teams during the two commercial breaks.

Elections in the US: debate focused on the cognitive capacity of the candidates

Due to the ages of each of the candidates, “It’s an incredible test of your cognitive competence.”said Patrick Stewart, a political science professor at the University of Arkansas. And he added: “It’s our chance to see how much they have declined or if they have declined.”

As mandatory conditions within the framework of the strict rules of the debate, Trump and Biden will not be able to take notes and will not have an audience to cheer them on during the 90-minute broadcast. In addition, they will have clear limits when speaking and should not step on each other during their speech.

Biden’s strategy will focus on highlight Trump’s most conservative positions, such as extremist policies on abortion and other issues. The former president, according to his advisors, adopts an “informal” preparation without a detailed strategy for the verbal exchange with the current president.

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