I’m not going to talk to him again, the last one who challenged me was my old woman

I’m not going to talk to him again, the last one who challenged me was my old woman
I’m not going to talk to him again, the last one who challenged me was my old woman

The presidential candidate for Broad Front, Yamandú Orsispoke about his relationship with the president Luis Lacalle Pouwhich is still tense since that crossing in December of last year, at which time they stopped talking to this day.

In an interview, the former Canarian mayor stressed that he does not plan to speak with the president again after the incident at a public event where Lacalle Pou He rebuked him for statements that Orsi had made regarding the drug trafficker case. Sebastian Marset. “The only thing that surprises me about this is that the story of marset “It coincides almost 100% with the national government’s story,” Orsi had said at that time.

“We were in someone else’s house. That’s ugly. Nobody expected it. I know that something is always going to happen because he has that, but he was really angry,” he said in dialogue with TV Ciudad and assured that he has no plans to talk again. with the president. “I don’t even think about it. The last one who challenged me was my mother, the only one I allowed,” said the candidate.

At the time, the president confronted him at a public event: “We are going to have to start talking better. If you want to maintain a good relationship, try to take care of your manners. I say it publicly. We are going to improve a little.”

However, Orsi once again raised the stakes regarding this issue and on Monday in the interview he invited the government to demonstrate the opposite of what he had said in December of last year. “Let him show me the opposite. We heard it on TV, the same argument, he stole his speech, he left it stuck,” he shot and assured that the government “has to clarify the issues.”

“I’m sure they have nothing to do with each other, they are two different worlds, but a little more transparency and not getting angry,” he remarked and admitted that all governments have corruption but the difference is in how they deal with it.

Defender of “lukewarmness”

Faced with the sayings that he is the most “warm” of his opponents within the internal team, where he faces Carolina Cosse and Andres Lima, The candidate said that it was a malicious comment from the government.

“The government was very angry that I got the votes in the Departmental Board for extrabudgetary funds to do the works that people needed. That warmth hit him on the chin. If that’s moderation and warmth, I love it. If the agreements I get are to change people’s reality, give them all to me,” she said.

“We have a country divided into two halves and you have to get the majorities; always give me the space to get that majority and be able to change reality and make sure that people benefit from what you said so much that you were going to do,” he added.

Does not rule out names for the Ministry of Economy

Regarding the possibility that Gabriel Oddone take over as economy minister in the event that the Frente Amplio wins the elections, the pre-candidate assured that names have not yet been defined and that people like the senator Mario Bergara the former minister Fernando Lorenzo or the economist Martin Vallcorba, They resonate within the possibilities.

However, he did not hesitate to defend Oddone against questions from parties such as the Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU) and ruled out that the economist is not from the left.

“I lost the left-wing meter. I had it and one day I lost it because one day I realized that it was out of focus, it was poorly calibrated,” he said and added: “Guys like that, who are left-wing, I always love them.” .

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