what are the voting hours

what are the voting hours
what are the voting hours

The internal elections will be held this Sunday so that each of the political parties define your presidential candidates For the general elections and citizens will have a wide margin to define when to cast their vote.

Election day will begin early and some 2,766,323 Uruguayans They will be authorized to participate in the event starting at 8 in the morning, in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Court. Those who want to confirm their voting place must enter the search engine. electoral roll.

The day will extend for a period of almost 12 hours, giving ample margin for those who want to approach this instance, which is not mandatory, with a closing time scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

As established in the procedure manual of the elections 2024, During this period, the event cannot be suspended nor the reception of votes interrupted “for any reason.”

Can voting hours be extended?

Meanwhile, in the event that upon reaching 19.30 the Voting Receiving Commission will verify that there are still voters within the premises who could not vote due to lack of time, the schedule will be extended until they complete the act, although this period cannot exceed one hour.

On this point, the Electoral Court He indicated that in the urban circuits, Voters “must always belong to the circuit, even during overtime.” On the other hand, in the rural, Those citizens who do not belong to the circuit will also be able to cast their vote, “as long as their civic registration corresponds to a rural constituency of the department and they display their civic credential.”

In both urban and rural circuits, you will also be able to vote as an observer, the members of the Voting Receiving Commission, Custody, Facilitator, Electoral Officials and persons who are in a situation of permanent or temporary motor disability, the document established.

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