Bundesliga transfers: Rapid makes big money with ex-Blue-White player

Bundesliga transfers: Rapid makes big money with ex-Blue-White player
Bundesliga transfers: Rapid makes big money with ex-Blue-White player

Matthias Seidl and Fally Mayulu moved from Blau-Weiß Linz to Rapid last summer.

When Marco Grüll moved, Rapid was only a spectator, the ex-Rieder was able to choose his new club after his contract expired and signed with Bremen. The 25-year-old, who is currently waiting for his first European Championship appearance with the ÖFB team, was the most dangerous player in the past season with 21 goals. Now, according to Sky information, Fally Mayulu, the second on the green and white scorer list with eleven goals in 40 competitive matches, is also leaving – but according to Sky information, for a high price: English second division club Bristol City, Andreas Weimann’s club until his loan to West Bromwich in the spring, is to pay 3.5 million euros for the 21-year-old.

The Frenchman was only at Rapid for one season and is now set to become a very good deal: he joined the Viennese club last summer on a free transfer from Blau-Weiß Linz.

Sky Rapid has brought in Jonatan Braut Brunes as Mayulu’s replacement. The 1.88 meter tall Norwegian scored three goals for Belgian first division club Leuven last season. He could perhaps learn how to improve his tally from his cousin: Erling Haaland.

The transfers of the Bundesliga clubs

  • SK Sturm Graz
    To: Karic (Darmstadt), Malic (Slo, Ried), Chukwuani (Den, Lyngby), Kern (Hun, Puskas Academia), Kronberger (Tirol, after loan), Dante (Mli, FC Zurich, after loan), Fuseini (Gha, Randers, after loan)
    Away: Biereth (Den, Arsenal, after loan), Jaros (Cze, Liverpool, after loan), Schnegg (Washington), Scherpen (Ned, Brighton & Hove, after loan), Serrano (Esp, Atletico Madrid, after loan), Stückler
  • FC Salzburg
    To: Blaswich (D, Leipzig, loan), Kawamura (Jpn, Hiroshima), Piatkowski (Pol, Granada, after loan), Kameri (Grasshopper Club Zurich, after loan), Van der Brempt (Bel, Hamburg, after loan)
    Away: Daniliuc (Salernitana, after loan), Ulmer, Koita, Horn (D)
  • LASK
    To: Boateng (D, Salernitana), Smolcic (Cro, Frankfurt, loan), Bogarde (Ned, Hoffenheim II), Kone (Sen, Dunajska Streda, after loan), N. Polster (Horn, after loan), Wimhofer (Horn, after loan), Sulzner (Amstetten, after loan)
    Away: Havel (Hartberg, loan), Jungwirth (Admira, loan), Ba (D, Leipzig, after loan), Luckeneder, Michorl, Wiesinger, Letard (Fra)
  • SK Rapid
    To: Schaub (Hannover), Bolla (Hun, Wolverhampton, most recently loaned to Geneva), Raux-Yao (Fra, Rodez), Böckle (Düsseldorf, most recently loaned to Münster), Schöller (Admira), Haas (Admira), Druijf (Ned, Zwolle, after loan), Zimmermann (Wolfsberg, after loan), Bischof (Vienna, after loan)
    Away: Grüll (Bremen), Querfeld (U. Berlin), Moormann (Blau-Weiß Linz), Sollbauer (Ried), Kasanwirjo (Ned, Feyenoord Rotterdam, after loan), Kongolo (Ned, Fulham, after loan), Schick (Leoben), Strunz (Altach, loan), Unger (Vienna),
  • TSV Hartberg
    To: Havel (LASK, loan), Schwarz (Rapid, loan, most recently loaned to Klagenfurt), Amadin (Ned, Schalke II), Lemmerer (Amstetten, after loan), Scherf (Amstetten, after loan)
    Away: Frieser (GAK), Sangare (Mli, Salzburg, after loan), Bowat (Sco, Fulham, after loan), Steinwender (Värnamo), Brückner (D, Bayern Munich II, after loan), Gollner (Obdach), Schutti (Oberwart), Ehmann (Voitsberg), Kröpfl, Knoflach
  • SK Austria Klagenfurt
    To: Koch (Blau-Weiß Linz), Wydra (Rapid, loan), Szerensci (Kapfenberg), Lee (Kor, Yonsei), Bobzien (D, Mainz, loan, most recently loaned to Lustenau), Spari (FAC), Kühn (D, V. Berlin), Dehl (D, V. Berlin, after loan), May (D, V. Berlin, after loan), Berg (D, V. Berlin, after loan), Toshevski (Mkd, Sibenik, after loan)
    Away: Wimmer (Wolfsberg), Karweina (D, Luzern), Menzel (D, Saarbrücken), Schumacher (D, Saarbrücken), Benatelli (D, Mannheim), Irving (Sco, West Ham, after loan), Besuschkow (D, Hannover, after loan), Schwarz (Rapid, after loan, to Hartberg), Loune (Mar, Nürnberg, after loan), Arweiler (D), Djoric (Srb), Maglica (Cro), Markelic
  • Wolfsberger AC
    To: Wimmer (Klagenfurt), Matic (Srb, Red Star Belgrade)
    Away: Veratschnig (Mainz), Ibertsberger (Salzburg, after loan, to Blau-Weiß Linz), Bonmann (D, Rasgrad), Tijani (Ngr, Salzburg, after loan), Zimmermann (Rapid, after loan), Leitgeb (Leoben), Novak (Treibach)
  • FK Austria Vienna
    To: Sahin-Radlinger (Almere, after loan), Malone (D, Basel, loan), Cristiano (Bra, Sao Bento, loan)
    Away: Früchtl (D, Lecce), Krätzig (D, Bayern Munich, after loan), Asllani (D, Hoffenheim, after loan), Kani (Tog, Beitar Jerusalem), Schmidt, Holland (Aus)
  • FC Blau-Weiß Linz
    To: Moormann (Rapid), Anderson (Bra, Lustenau), Ibertsberger (Salzburg, most recently loaned to Wolfsberg), Wähling (D, Osnabruck), Dantas (Bra, Lemense), Radulovic (Wallern/St. Marienkirchen, after loan), Softic (Wallern/St. Marienkirchen, after loan)
    Away: Haudum (Admira), Koch (Klagenfurt), Brandner (Mondsee), Krainz, Windhager
  • SCR Altach
    To: Fridrikas (Lustenau), Madritsch (Ried), Strunz (Rapid, loan), Helac (Lustenau), Milojevic (Leverkusen U19), Lincoln (Bra, Kobe), Mischitz (Dornbirn, after loan), Odehnal (Dornbirn, after loan)
    Away: Reiner (Gliwice, after loan), Eckmayr (Tirol), Zwischenbrugger, Schützenauer, Strauss, Reiter, Edokpolor, Jurcec (Cro), Prietl (retirement)
  • WSG Tyrol
    To: Anselm (LASK, loaned to V. Köln in spring), Eckmayr (Altach)
    Away: Prelec (Slo, Cagliari, after loan), Kronberger (Sturm Graz, after loan), Buksa (Pol, FC Genoa, after loan), Tomic (Leoben), Bacher, Ozegovic, Stumberger (Cro), Schulz (D), Ogrinec (Slo), F. Oswald (retired)
  • Graz AK 1902
    To: Frieser (Hartberg), Italiano (Aus, Mönchengladbach II), Zaizen (Jpn, Amstetten, after loan), Eder (Saalfelden), Fritz (Fürstenfeld, after loan)
    Away: Jatremski (D, Bayern Munich II, after loan), Stefanon (Bregenz), Th. Mayer, Köchl, Jager, Fahler, Eloshvili (Geo)

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