They declare 30 days of quarantine in Cusco

They declare 30 days of quarantine in Cusco
They declare 30 days of quarantine in Cusco

The measure is focused on El Ejercito Avenue, since there are several businesses that sell meat and chicken. The Regional Health Management (GERESA) supported the start of the vaccination campaigns.

Quarantine declared in Peru due to bird flu outbreak.


Due to a bird flu outbreak in Cuscocity of Peruhe National Agri-Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa) declared 30 days of quarantine. The measure is focused on the busy avenue The armysince there are several stores that sell chicken and where high pathogenicity of the disease has been reported.

The avian influenza type A It is a highly infectious disease, caused by a virus of the family Orthomyxoviridae that It mainly affects domestic and wild birds. Sometimes people and other animal species, such as horses, pigs and canines, can also contract it.

Peru: Cusco declares quarantine due to bird flu outbreak

In this sense, the Regional Health Management (GERESA), supported the decision and issued an epidemiological alert for Influenza type A due to the high probability of transmission of the virus to the population. At the same time, strategic points have been set to begin the vaccination against the virus.

Jorge Pastorholder of the Subdirectorate of Risk Analysis and Epidemiological Surveillance of Senasa, He referred to the avian flu outbreak and stated that it is under control.

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After the outbreak, 155 birds were disinfected and slaughtered.

After the outbreak, 155 birds were disinfected and slaughtered.

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Finland begins vaccinating people against bird flu

Through a statement at the Institute of Health and Welfare of Finland, the country confirmed that it will begin to offer the Preventive vaccination against avian influenza to some workers with exposure to animals.

The disease has increasingly spread to mammals, including cows in the US and, in some cases, also to humans. In recent months, cases have been recorded in the North American countryAustralia and India.

Although in Finland still The virus has not been detected in humans, the Nordic country has purchased vaccines for 10,000 peopleeach of them composed of two injectionsas part of a joint EU procurement of up to 40 million doses for 15 nations from Australian manufacturer CSL Seqirus.

The country’s authorities assured that they acquired the vaccine for people considered at risk. These are workers on fur and poultry farms, laboratory workers who handle avian flu samples, and veterinarians who work as animal control officers in regions where there are fur farms.

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