Firefighter (19) set fires to “see ex-boyfriend again”

Firefighter (19) set fires to “see ex-boyfriend again”
Firefighter (19) set fires to “see ex-boyfriend again”

In Goldwörth (Urfahr-Umgebung district), the outbuilding of a farm was destroyed by flames.

As already reported in detail by the OÖN, a series of fires in April and May disturbed the residents of the Communities Goldwörth and Feldkirchen in fear.

  • The OÖN reported: Series of fires: Firefighter (19) in custody after confession

There had already been a number of fires in the area in 2021. A young suspect got off lightly. The proceedings against the then minor for serious damage to property ended with a diversion.

On May 9th of this year, the main suspect confessed. It was the same woman again. “The suspect has fully confessed and is remorseful,” said Florian Roitner from the Linz public prosecutor’s office in an interview with the OÖN. “She says she set the fires to see her ex-boyfriend again. He apparently also worked for the fire department.” The 19-year-old had hoped to see her ex-boyfriend again during the self-initiated operations. She is currently in custody.

Maximum sentence: Ten years

The trial date is set for July 26. She will have to answer to the Linz District Court. She is charged with two counts of arson and one count of serious property damage. “In the case of a pile of wood that caught fire, the charge is serious property damage, as it could be ruled out that the fire would spread to surrounding houses,” says Roitner. The young woman faces up to ten years in prison.

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