Former commander Zúñiga assured that he will release all political prisoners from Camacho to Áñez

Former commander Zúñiga assured that he will release all political prisoners from Camacho to Áñez
Former commander Zúñiga assured that he will release all political prisoners from Camacho to Áñez

“The Armed Forces intend to reinforce democracy,” he mentioned, justifying his actions, and redoubled: “We want to establish democracy, which a few have taken over”.

Zuniga frees political prisoners from coup in Bolivia

Zuñiga assured that they are going to release the “political prisoners.”

“The Army does not lack guts to ensure the future of our children,” he asserted and remarked: ““Some elites have taken over the State.”

Likewise, he assured that they were going to release all the “political prisoners“, and named Luis Fernando Camacho already Jeanine Anezas well as generals, captains and lieutenants who are detained.

“We are going to restore democracy,” he reiterated in conclusion.

The former commander who leads the military coup had announced the uprising

The former commander of Bolivia, Juan José Zúñigaanticipated the military uprising that is happening this Wednesday in the South American country. Members of the Army they took the Burned Palacethe most important Presidential Palace in the history of Bolivia, later replaced by the Casa Grande del Pueblo.

”We are going to take the Big House of the People”Zúñiga assured. And furthermore, he detailed that ”There is going to be a new cabinet, our country can’t continue like this anymore”referring to the administration of Luis Arce.

He continued by saying that the Bolivian Government does ”whatever they want” and they have to stop ”destroy our country, impoverish our country”.

When asked if what they are carrying out is a coup d’état, he responded bluntly: ”We are showing our annoyance.”

Coup d’état in Bolivia: the Army took over the Government House

The president of Bolivia, Luis Arcetook to social media on Wednesday to denounce an attempted coup d’état by the armed forces, while members of the Army took over the Palacio Quemado, the headquarters of the Bolivian Government.

In the images captured by television, a tank could be seen forcing the door of the Palace and the subsequent entry of the military into the building.

“We denounce irregular mobilizations of some units of the Bolivian Army. Democracy must be respected,” Indian.

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