7022 signatures against university in the green belt Auhof

7022 signatures against university in the green belt Auhof
7022 signatures against university in the green belt Auhof

The citizens’ initiative “We save the green belt” is standing in front of a locked door in the town hall

The citizens’ initiative “We are saving the green belt” wants to prevent the new digital university (IT:U) from being built in the green belt next to the Johannes Kepler University in Auhof. 7022 signatures had been collected for this by 4 p.m. yesterday and were to have been handed over to Mayor Klaus Luger (SP). The initiative asked him to leave the municipal council meeting between 4 and 4.45 p.m. and come out of the town hall. “Unfortunately, he didn’t come,” says Alexander Jäger, spokesman for the initiative. “He didn’t want to accept the signatures or answer our questions.”

In front of closed doors

The announced protest action, in this case throwing confetti during the municipal council meeting – “we would have paid for the cleaning” – came to nothing. At 4:40 p.m. the doors to the town hall were locked and the group had to stay outside. “A municipal council meeting is actually public,” says Gerda Lenger, former chairwoman of the Linz Greens. “The public being locked out would not have happened under Mayor Franz Dobusch.” At least: “We got 100 new signatures,” says Jäger.

How the mayor reacts

“The reasons for the denied access to the spectator gallery in the municipal council chamber will be investigated immediately. It is currently unclear why those citizens who wanted to attend the municipal council meeting were prevented from doing so. In any case, there was no instruction to do so from me or from the municipal director Ulrike Huemer,” said Mayor Klaus Luger about today’s incident during the municipal council meeting.

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