How much do bets pay for the National Team’s second game?

How much do bets pay for the National Team’s second game?
How much do bets pay for the National Team’s second game?

Uruguay could qualify for the quarter-finals if they beat Bolivia tonight, and they are the favourites among fans and the odds.

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Uruguay faces tonight Bolivia in his second match for the America Cup, with the possibility of qualifying for the quarterfinals if they achieve a victory against the team led by Antônio Carlos Zago. How are the bets among Uruguayan fans?

From 10pm in the Metlife Stadium, in New Jersey, The Uruguayan National Team will play its second game in the regional tournament, after beating 3 to 1 Panama in the debut last Sunday. If they get another win, the team from Marcelo Bielsa would already have a place in the next round assured, regardless of the result of the other match of the Group Cwhich will feature the Panamanian team and the local team USA.

With this panorama, the followers of the Sky blue they already make their bets facing the match and, as expected, the favorable result for the national team is the one that pays the least. That is, the most likely to happen. Thus, a victory for the Uruguay pays a dividend of 1.10; while a tie pays 7, and Bolivia’s victory pays 17.

In this way, whoever bets 1,000 pesos on the Uruguayan classification He would receive 1,100 pesos if the result were given. Meanwhile, the tie I would give him 7,000 pesos, and a victory for Zago’s team would give him 17,000 pesos.

In the exact score, the scenarios that offer the least dividends are the victory of Uruguay by 2-0 (3.85), by 3-0 (4.50) and by 1-0 (4.80). Draws of three and four goals, as well as the possibility of Bolivia scoring three or more goals and winning, are the results that pay the most: a dividend of 240.

The truth is that the statistics The historical statistics of the meetings between both national teams give the Celeste an 81% chance of victory, a 13% chance of a draw, and just a 6% chance for Bolivia.

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