Orsi is already designing the election night and Delgado adjusts the party gears

Orsi is already designing the election night and Delgado adjusts the party gears
Orsi is already designing the election night and Delgado adjusts the party gears

The pre-candidates Yamandu Orsi (Broad Front) and Alvaro Delgado (National Party) decided to close the campaign early for the internal elections on Sunday to focus fully on the latest party adjustments in the run-up to that night in which they hope to establish themselves as a candidate for the Presidency.

Orsi, who formally closed his campaign on Sunday and yesterday participated in the final event of the Frente Amplio, had a last public appearance this Thursday with a radio interview, to now focus on Sunday’s day.

The former mayor of cannelloniwho arrives as a favorite in the internal Broad Front according to voting intention polls, will work these days on his speech for an eventual victory on Sunday, he learned Ambit from campaign sources.

Although the mood is optimistic – Orsi has led the polls of all the consulting firms since February – caution prevails and from his space they prefer not to take victory for granted in the face of the elections 2024.

The importance of mobilizing his supporters has been the leitmotiv of his latest statements. “Go vote on the 30th,” he urged last night to the militants who cheered him during the closing of all the pre-candidates of the Broad Front.

The concern is that the bases of its internal rival, Carolina Cossemayor in use of license Montevideo, historically mobilize to cast their votes in the primaries. In fact, some analysts do not consider the internal closed for that reason.

Álvaro Delgado focuses on the internal front and does not define the formula

For his part, the favorite of the internal National Party, Álvaro Delgadochose to stay away from public exposure after the closing act of the campaign last night, where he focused his speech on criticizing the FA and promoting the so-called “second floor of transformations.”

However, far from resting, the former Secretary of the Presidency accelerates contacts within his party, as well as with his teams.

Delgado has decided to keep the mystery about who will make up the presidential ticket for the October general elections. “Only my pillow knows,” he said days ago.

However, there is pressure for it to be announced on Sunday night and the expectation that it will be equal and include the second most voted candidate, that is, the economist Laura Raffohave increased in the last few hours. White sectors consider that it is key to take advantage over the Broad Front in the first minute of the beginning of the electoral race towards October.

Source: Ambito

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