Product prices increased by 4.93% in the first half

Product prices increased by 4.93% in the first half
Product prices increased by 4.93% in the first half

The value of the dollar and the agricultural sector were the main drivers of the rise in prices in the domestic market, which is above inflation.

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The prices of the products increased by 1.01% this month compared to May values, so that they reached an increase of 4.93% in the first quarter of the year, placing themselves above the inflation, According to the latest report prepared by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

He Producer Price Index of National Products (IPPN) thus exhibited an increase of 2.23% year-on-year, when compared to June 2023, according to the survey that estimates the evolution of the prices of goods produced in the country that are destined for the Internal market.

The General Index, composed of the sectors of agriculture, livestock, hunting and forestry, fishing, mining and manufacturing industries, was set at 281.80, the highest value in the last moving year.

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The dollar and agriculture drove prices up

The IPPN reflected that one of the factors that drove up the prices of the products was the price of dollar interbank, when comparing the 39.10 pesos of last Monday the 10th with the 38.51 pesos of May 10, reaching an increase of 1.74% in that period.

Regarding the section Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Forestry, The increase was 2.66%, with an impact of 0.88 percentage points on the variation of the general index. In the sector, the greatest increases were observed in animal husbandry, with a monthly 3.02% and a semi-annual 15.65%; while the crops in general They rose 2.18% and 14.70%, respectively.

Meanwhile, in Manufacturing industry An increase of 0.20% was seen, with an incidence of 0.13 percentage points. In this branch, the biggest increases occurred in manufacturing of electrical machinery and apparatus, with 3.98% in June, followed by basic metal industries, with 3.38%.

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