What will the weather be like on voting day?

What will the weather be like on voting day?

During the 2019 vote there was cold weather and partially cloudy skies, what is expected for this Sunday, June 30?

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The current month of June brought with it the winter and the new election year, the internal electionswhose attendance, due to its non-mandatory nature, could be closely tied to the good or bad weather conditions next Sunday the 30th.

During the last vote, in the 2019 primaries, there was a cold climate both in Montevideo as in the inside of the country, with a partially cloudy sky and low temperatures that were clearly expressed in each of the jackets and coats worn by the pre-candidates who came to vote on the day.

According to the forecast of Inumet, the odds of rain are low and with temperatures between 3 and 10 degrees, while the US company’s monthly forecast AccuWeather, for the 30th are expected rains in Montevideo with wind gusts that could reach up to 26 kilometers per hour. As for the temperature, this would range between a maximum of 15 degrees and a minimum of 7 degrees at night.

The sun will rise at 7:53 a.m., minutes before the polls open, while it will set at 5:44 p.m., almost two hours before the polls close. An increase in wind speed is also expected for the evening, although an abrupt decrease in cloud cover.

As for the day before and after, a sunny day is expected for Saturday the 29th, while a partially cloudy day is expected for July 1, both with the same range of temperatures on the day of the vote.

Bad weather could negatively affect voter turnout

Adverse weather can affect the final number of voters, since very cold thermal sensations Some people may be discouraged from leaving their homes given the not obligatory of the internal ones. Likewise, in case of heavy rain, some rural sectors could face road connectivity problems.

In the 2019 primaries, participation was 40.29% (3% more than in 2014), after some 1,078,992 citizens cast their vote, out of the 2,678,031 who were eligible to do so.

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