Mention of Batlle y Ordóñez and the radish nursery

Mention of Batlle y Ordóñez and the radish nursery
Mention of Batlle y Ordóñez and the radish nursery

The ex-president Jose Mujica he got inside the Colorado Party and, after remembering “the greatness” of Jose Batlle y Ordonez, He considered that “our history does not deserve to be buried by a new radish nursery.”

With hours left until the start of the electoral ban, Mujica polarization escalated between the Wide Front and the PC. “I am surprised that today, in the middle of the campaign, where the intention is to renew and renew, he is not even named. “It seems as if it had not existed,” the former president shot.

Through a video, published on the MPP’s YouTube channel, the former head of state assured that the Colorado Party “has greatness” and described as “the most important” the figure of Don José Batlle y Ordoñez, whom he defined as “a true sower in his time.”

Mujica highlighted milestones such as the divorce and the founding of a women’s university, and then contrast: “It is surprising that this Colorado Party in renewal nor does it raise issues of parity with that precedent.”

“There are some candidates who started very late, I don’t know them. There is one who impressed me with the civic courage she has shown,” alluding perhaps to the pre-candidate Carolina Ache, who resigned from the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs amid the scandal over the delivery of the passport to the drug trafficker Sebastian Marset.

Embed – Message from Pepe Mujica

The replicas of the pre-candidates

Quickly, from the PC they came out to respond to Mujica’s statements, with Gabriel Gurmendez to the head. The former president of Antel He used his X account and called the former president “a daring man,” after which he declared: “We will always be on the opposite side.”

Meanwhile, its internal competitor, Andres Ojeda, He referred to the fact, highlighting his own importance in the face of the elections 2024. “Orsi, Mujica and Topolansky come out to hit me on the same day, there is no better survey than that. See you on Sunday!” he noted.

Tensions escalate between the Broad Front and the Colorado Party

The former president thus unleashed a new chapter of escalating tension between the FA and the PC, where in the last few hours the pre-candidate Andres Ojeda he told Ambit that “the voter does not want to see us fight, but rather together to compete with the Frente Amplio.”

Previously, Ojeda had assured that Mujica and the former vice president Lucia Topolansky “They come out to create a smokescreen” for the FA candidate, Yamandú Orsi, by ensuring that “if he speaks, he loses the vote.”

Topolansky herself responded in an interview with Channel 5 by comparing him to the comic book character “Isidorito Cannons”. Then, he sent his “heartfelt” wish that the Colorados “vote well, because it is an important party in this country, which governed for 93 years.”

Source: Ambito

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