Uruguay expressed its concern to the OAS regarding the elections in Venezuela

Uruguay expressed its concern to the OAS regarding the elections in Venezuela
Uruguay expressed its concern to the OAS regarding the elections in Venezuela

Foreign Minister Omar Paganini criticized “the restriction of candidates, intimidation and political persecution” in the country led by Nicolás Maduro.

The chancellor Omar Paganini expressed the government’s concern about the organization of the elections in Venezuela, considering that “they are moving away from what can be considered a transparent and competitive process.”

Paganini stated this in his speech before the 54th assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), by denouncing the “restriction of candidates to run, intimidation and political persecution of people” in the country he leads Nicolás Maduro, marking a new round of diplomatic tension between both countries.

In this framework, the owner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted: “We view with concern the next electoral event on July 28, which hopefully will result in an advance for democratization and not a manipulation from power to merely legitimize a authoritarian regime”.

The hierarch highlighted that “Uruguay is strongly committed to respecting democratic values, which are essential for stability, lasting peace and the sustainable development of our nations.”

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The condemnation of the attempted coup d’état in Bolivia

Besides, Paganini “strongly” condemned the attempt to coup happened this Wednesday in Bolivia. “We are concerned about all the deviations from the democratic order,” he maintained and valued that “all sister nations acted in an exemplary manner,” considering that “decided and immediate diplomatic action was surely an important contribution to stopping the process of breaking down the democratic order.” that was attempted.”

At the same time, he called for attention to the situation in Nicaragua. “We all recognize an authoritarian regime that persecutes dissidents, does not respect the rule of law and, having distanced itself from this organization, its people have less support to pressure the regime towards a democratization process,” he stated.

Finally, the chancellor called for “redoubling efforts to strengthen the democracy and consolidate the rule of law in our hemisphere”, considering that it is the only way to “achieve greater promotion of social cohesion, encourage economic development and guarantee fundamental freedoms and the exercise of citizens’ rights.”

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