The ballot boxes for the internal elections are already travelling all over the country

The ballot boxes for the internal elections are already travelling all over the country
The ballot boxes for the internal elections are already travelling all over the country

The Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior coordinate the distribution of the suitcases with the material necessary for the elections to the 7,105 voting circuits.

Two days before the internal elections in Uruguay, The enormous logistical process involved in guaranteeing the right to vote for citizens does not rest, not even during the ban. Thus the Farmed forces and the Police They already guard the ballot boxes that will be present in each of the circuits enabled to vote on Sunday.

Thursday was the scene of a large and important movement: the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Ministry of Interior They began collecting and safeguarding the suitcases that contain everything necessary – ballot boxes, files, minutes, tablets and other materials – so that voting can take place in the 2,521 voting circuits. Montevideo. The same movement was replicated throughout the country, which totals 7,105 circuits.

“They will save them and take them first thing on Sunday so that they are in each circuit. In each suitcase is the ballot box, with all the material for election day. There are also extensions, tablets, forms, envelopes,” they indicated from the Electoral Board capital.

Once voting ends on Sunday, the collection center of the Electoral Court, in Beautiful view, will receive the ballot boxes again, which will then be considered as sensitive material while they will contain the votes of those who came to vote in the non-mandatory elections.

“At that time, the ballot boxes are sealed, they are transferred to the zonal offices and they return to carry out the departmental scrutiny,” they added.

For this internal election there were more than 7,000 volunteers registered to work, which guarantees the integration of the tables. In addition, around 500 circuits will be testing a digital identification system that will work as a pilot plan. “The person can decide not to have their fingerprint taken. It is to identify the person and minimize the observed votes,” they indicated.

How will the fingerprint identification system work?

The Electoral Court resolved to implement a pilot plan in 553 circuits of Montevideo so that the voter can vote with the fingerprint in the internal elections next Sunday 30th, from a scan of it.

For this, the Vote Receiving Commissions (CRV) Selected ballot boxes will have a fingerprint reader that will be connected to a tablet and will allow to verify if the voter’s fingerprint corresponds to the one that appears on his/her ID. electoral sheet.

According to a recent press release on the subject, the only purpose of this procedure is to “perform a first test of software for subsequent evaluation by the “Electoral Court”.

Likewise, the state agency clarifies that, since it is a non-binding pilot test, “In no case will the result of said comparison prevent the voter from being able to cast the vote if this corresponds according to current legislation.”

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