Uruguay and other countries in the region distanced themselves from a declaration by Celac Social

Uruguay and other countries in the region distanced themselves from a declaration by Celac Social
Uruguay and other countries in the region distanced themselves from a declaration by Celac Social

Uruguay, Together with nine other countries in the region, it distanced itself from the so-called “Tegucigalpa Declaration” signed in Honduras by “Celac Social”, by pointing out that this division “does not exist” in the field of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

The clarification was made through a joint statement with Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Dominican Republic, from where they asked that “it be publicly clarified that it is not a document or an official position of Celac.”

“It does not exist within the Celac a segment, program or initiative called ‘Celac Social’, so no statement released under that name represents an official communication,” stated the signatory countries.

On the “Tegucigalpa Declaration”, according to the joint text released by Chancellery, The countries clarified that the text “was not consulted with the member states, nor does it represent the vision or consensus opinion” of the countries that make up the bloc.

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What does the controversial “Declaration of Tegucigalpa” say?

The “Tegucigalpa Declaration” was published on Thursday on social media by a profile called Celac Social, in the framework of the 15th anniversary of the coup d’état in Honduras, where the coup attempt is also rejected Bolivia occurred this Wednesday.

In the controversial text, the president of Honduras stands out, Xiomara Castro, for his “profound program of social and political reforms to refound the Honduran State.”

The document also states that “the democratic socialism “It is the political, economic and social model necessary to preserve the human species and the planet in the process of destruction by neoliberal imposition and the terrible effects of capitalism.”

At the same time, it stands in solidarity with Palestine for the “genocide perpetrated against them by the military invasion of Israel” and describes as “unfair” the international sanctions against the governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua, as well as the “infamous economic and commercial blockade” Cuba.

Press release 48-24.pdf

The antecedent

This is the second time that the same dozen countries have spoken out to distance themselves from publications made in the name of Celac during the pro tempore presidency of Honduras, with opinions on countries at war.

The first time occurred on March 19 when a statement was issued to disassociate itself from a congratulation from the president of Honduras to Vladimir Putin for his electoral victory in Russia.

That day, Uruguay and the nine countries disassociated themselves from a statement published by Castro related to the conflict between Israel and Hamas already the crisis in Haiti.

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