Five keys to the 2024 internal elections

Five keys to the 2024 internal elections
Five keys to the 2024 internal elections

About 2,766,323 Uruguayans will participate this Sunday in the internal elections which are being held this Sunday to define the presidential candidates for each of the political parties facing the October general elections.

It is a special day where, despite the cold, the leaders hope that the level of participation is not affected. Citizens who have not yet consulted their polling place can consult it in the registry search engine.

What are the voting hours

The election Sunday will have its formal start at 8 in the morning, extending for a period of almost 12 hours and closing at 19.30, according to the provisions of the Electoral Court.

The Vote Receiving Commissions (CRV) may extend voting hours until 8:30 p.m. in particular cases, although for this to happen there would have to be voters inside the voting location who have not been able to vote due to lack of time.

Meanwhile, there is the possibility that those who vote early will be surprised and have to temporarily occupy the CRV in the event that both the holders and the substitutes designated by the Electoral Court are not present at that time.

How transportation works

He transport will operate this Sunday in a special way, with 100% of the fleet of urban buses circulating on the streets between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. The units will follow their usual routes, except for planned cuts and detours.

After 8 p.m., the service will begin to operate less frequently, but with special attention to the areas where they are registered. electoral celebrations.

As for the suburban transport, will operate with a Saturday schedule, that is, with 65% of the units of a business day, except for Cannelloni, that will work fully, just as the taxis.

Aspects to take into account to vote quickly

The main requirement when going to vote is to have the civic credential. However, those who do not have the physical version can do so if they appear on the register and go to the circuit to which they belong, providing their name and surname and the series and number of their credential if they remember it.

At the same time, to speed up a day that is anticipated to be cumbersome, the Electoral Court recommended to the Uruguayans to bring their own voting sheets, because in some of the 7,105 enabled circuits there will be record of slogans, with more than 3,500 lists.

It is worth remembering that if when entering the secret room the voting sheet of the candidate one wishes to elect, which should be supplied by the delegates of the political parties, the citizen can withdraw without voting and return at another time.

What time are the results expected?

In the context of a complex vote with a large number of pre-candidates, the estimated time for the winners of each of the elections to be announced is: internal It is at 10:30 p.m., although it could take longer.

The uncertainty could even extend until the early hours of Monday, according to sources explained to Ambit. To make matters worse, there will be no surveys of ballot box mouth, something that is traditionally allowed from 8:30 p.m.

The debate over the formation of the formulas

Once the results are known, the discussion on the formation of the formulas will begin. In some cases, the winner of the internal election is quite clear, as is the case of Alvaro Delgado, who has everything ready to emerge as the candidate of National Party.

However, he has not yet confirmed who his running mate will be, without ruling out his competitors. Laura Raffo and Jorge Gandini, but adding names like those of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche, and even the senator Gloria Rodríguez.

In the case of Broad Front, The internal one will be even and will depend largely on the level of participation. If it is low, the chances of Carolina Cosse; Otherwise, nothing will take away his candidacy. Yamandú Orsi. However, it seems quite clear that, whoever wins, the second will accompany the formula.

In it Colorado Party, Andrés Ojeda It was a hit, although the large supply makes the result unpredictable. The options for the vice presidency are several, but the pre-candidates clarified that it is still early to define the formula and a more intense debate is expected.

Source: Ambito

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