I invite you to run together

I invite you to run together

The candidate responded with an attack on the former president of the Republic, saying that he “was very fat.”

The candidate for National Party, Alvaro Delgado, came across Jose Mujica before leaving for his tour and invited him, ironically, to run with him, in response to the former president’s comment that “he was very fat”; On the other hand, he thanked the militancy for his participation.

Delgado went to the door of his house to speak to the press and commented on how the day began, how he slept and what he had for breakfast on such an important day. The candidate said that he slept “better than I thought” and that he started the day “drinking some mate with mild yerba mate.” “The common yerba mate that I always drink exaggerates anxiety and I am a bit anxious. So I use any brand that says mild,” he explained.

Regarding Mujica’s comments, the candidate responded ironically to the former president’s statement about his appearance. “I didn’t hear it,” he assured and added. “Maybe, I invite him to run, we run together,” he said.

“In the campaign you always gain weight because you eat poorly. I hope to lose four extra kilos. I invite him to run and we run together,” she insisted.

Delgado also referred to his family

The pre-candidate for the Broad Front, Yamandú Orsi, remembered his late father who would be 91 years old today. Unlike the Frente Amplista, Delgado still has his parents alive and commented that yesterday he went to greet them.

“My father called me twice today. They are proud and nervous. I don’t come from a political family, so all the advances that come with responsibilities and associated with exposure, make them a little afraid, cautious,” he said.

“That’s why I always say that in the campaign we can be very critical of the debates, of the proposals, but I always take care of the people, those of others or my own. Behind the candidates there are families, parents, children, and we must take care of that,” he added.

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