People will say, the work was done, Andrés Lima stressed about his possibilities

People will say, the work was done, Andrés Lima stressed about his possibilities

The mayor of Salto and presidential candidate for the Frente Amplio voted early before leaving for Montevideo, where he will wait for the results.

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The mayor of Leap and presidential candidate for the Frente Amplio (FA), Andres Limavoted early in the morning, more specifically at 09:00 in his native department before leaving for Montevideo for the convocation of its political force in the Seregni’s footprintwhere the presidential candidates will wait for the results together.

“People will say, the work was done,” Lima said this morning at a press conference, showing his agreement with the electoral campaign carried out throughout the country.

At the same time, he recalled that the Political Table of the FA at the national level will also hold a meeting this Sunday to announce the presidential formula after 9:00 p.m., with the results in sight. In that sense, the mayor assessed this as “a different procedure” than what happened in 2019, when this decision had been delayed in the first instance.

“That he Broad Fronttoday, on the same day of the internal election, he already has his presidential formula and announces it, in the capital of the country, in the central office and surely with the participation of many militants, is undoubtedly a different procedure from what happened in 2019,” he said.

“I think this will also have a big impact on the campaign, because in some way the coalition will also have to resolve and know that in the next few days it is a decision that it will also have to make,” he continued.

Lima also insisted that the most important thing about the day is that Frente Amplio militants will be able to find out the presidential formula of the left-wing coalition today.

“The two candidates with the most votes should be the candidates”

Regarding the formula itself, the Salta leader said that it should naturally be composed of “the two most voted candidates” in the race of three.

“The one and two, the two candidates with the most votes, should be in the presidential formula in order of voting. I think that is what all Frente Amplio members are thinking and we are thinking,” he said.

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