Lots of movement on the streets, little on the circuits

Lots of movement on the streets, little on the circuits
Lots of movement on the streets, little on the circuits

The sunny day was not enough to reverse the low expectations that existed regarding citizen participation in the elections.

The traffic on the boulevard contrasts with the electoral climate.

Photo: Ámbito Uruguay

From early in the morning, citizen participation in the internal elections remains at a low level, around 25% of the register, according to the latest update of the Electoral Courtsomething that could reach the historical minimum by closing time.

In Montevideothe traffic on the promenade contrasts directly with the movement on the different circuits, showing that neither the sunny day nor temperatures above what was forecast were factors capable of reversing the low expectations that already existed regarding citizen participation.

In effect, the non-obligation of this instance of the electoral process and some of the candidacies virtually defined by voting intention, do not seem to be sufficiently attractive for almost two-thirds of the electoral roll.

To this, we must add that Sunday was linked to the beginning of the winter holidays (which go from July 1 to July 5), just as happened in the last election, with many people who decided to take advantage of it to go sightseeing in different locations in the Uruguayfar from the circuits where they were supposed to vote, or directly outside the country.

Voting continues to be low, according to the Electoral Court

At the national level, the Electoral Court registered 632,573 votes at 3:00 p.m., which is 25% of Uruguayans who are eligible to vote, and 5% less than last hour’s election.

In the country’s capital, the number of voters at that time was 223,602, followed by about 98,328 of cannelloni40,444 of Maldonado30,017 of Leap and 27,419 of Cologne.

For its part, the Chief of Staff of the National Police, Kerman da Rosaassured that no irregularities have been recorded at the tables throughout the country.

Source: Ambito

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