Carolina Cosse, in search of votes until the last moment

Carolina Cosse, in search of votes until the last moment
Carolina Cosse, in search of votes until the last moment

The precandidate’s team Broad Front (FA) and mayor in use of license Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, maintains the pulse to secure the greatest number of votes in the last stretch of the electoral day.

Militants with voting ballots tour the key circuits of Montevideo to renew the availability of lists in the final hours of a poorly attended internal election.

The last part of the Electoral Court estimated the participation in these open elections at 25%. low involvement can play in favor of Cosse in the internal frontist party, due to the organic functioning of the left-wing parties that cement his pre-candidacy

The territorial deployment strategy with renewal of lists complements the organized mobilization of its militants.

The last voting intention survey released before the electoral ban began and which was released by Figure put Cosse in a scenario of a technical tie with the internal favorite, Yamandú Orsi. This scenario was reached after the incorporation of a participation indicator.

Cosse’s memories in the vote

Casting his vote on the cold election morning, cosse He remembered his family. “I’ve been thinking a lot about women. “What I have I owe to my mother and my grandmother,” said the mayor on leave from Montevideo about how the electoral ban time passed.

“Be yourself, my mother told me. By voting today we are saying that to all the girls, young people and women of the Uruguay“, said Cosse and added: “Our future depends on our present, we must vote. You have to dress warmly and go out to vote.”

“Each one of us must build hope in our hearts and open the opportunity for many others who will come. With today’s vote we are beginning to build a better future, a better world is possible,” said the FA candidate.

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