Today the Broad Front began to return

Today the Broad Front began to return
Today the Broad Front began to return

Following the defeat, the mayor of Montevideo, on leave, has joined Yamandú Orsi’s ticket. “Starting tomorrow, with everything,” she promised.

Photo: Yamandú Orsi campaign team

Carolina Cosse was confirmed by Yamandú Orsi as his vice-presidential candidate for the October general elections, following the victory of former mayor of Canelones in the internal elections.

“To the glorious militancy of the Broad Front, “Thank you. Today was a very important milestone. Today the FA started to come back,” Cosse said during a joint event at the opposition party’s headquarters, after the resounding victory of the MPP leader.

Looking ahead, the Mayor of Montevideo On leave, he sent a message for the future and said: “Starting tomorrow, with everything. To transform Uruguay, we must continue.”

In a brief but forceful speech, Cosse used some key concepts, suggesting that the unit in the opposition is guaranteed after the internal and sending a message in the future about its interference in the campaign for October guarantee victory of the now Frente Amplio candidate. However, the discussion is whether or not he will moderate his profile, taking into account that the winning option was the moderate one.

A territorial deployment that was not enough

Cosse was arriving at the elections on the verge of the elections, although some polls predict that the vote in the FA could be close in a climate of low participation such as that of these primaries. However, the turnout of Frente Amplio voters was the highest in history, with around 440,000 voters, according to a report prepared in the last few hours by the Citizen Perception Factory, which turned the day in Orsi’s favor.

In any case, aware of the possibility, the FA leader had set up a territorial deployment strategy through which militants with voting ballots travelled to the key circuits of Montevideo to renew the availability of lists and ensure that none of their voters were left without voting.

Source: Ambito

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