The Colorado Party will announce its presidential formula this Monday

The Colorado Party will announce its presidential formula this Monday
The Colorado Party will announce its presidential formula this Monday

Colorado Party candidate Andrés Ojeda confirmed that the electoral binomial will be formed in the next few hours.

He presidential candidate of the Colorado Party (PC), Andres Ojedaconfirmed that the political force will announce the presidential formula this Monday afternoon, dispelling speculation that the traditional party would delay the presentation of its electoral binomial in view of the elections October.

In the early hours of this Monday, in a joint event that took place in the Colorado Party House Along with the other leaders of the party, Ojeda assured that the news about his colleague for vice president of the Republic will be known soon.

“This Colorado Party united will beat the Broad Front “in October and November,” Ojeda emphasized, sending a message of unity both within the political force and to the partner parties of the current governing alliance.

“We grow in terms of renewal and unity,” insisted the presidential candidate, who did not rule out a parity formula. In addition to the pre-candidates who lost, including Carolina Achethe name of the senator is also being discussed Carmen Sanguinetti.

“Fernando Pereira added poorly”

For his part, Ojeda positively valued the Colorado electoral harvest, and pointed against the President of the Broad Front (FA), Fernando Pereirawho assured that the FA surpasses the sum of the parties in votes Republican Coalition.

“He added it wrong, maybe his calculator was wrong. He says that the Frente (Amplio) wins National Party“That is completely irrelevant, because what is important here is whether the coalition or the Broad Front wins.”

“If you look at today’s numbers, the coalition is far superior to the Broad Front, that is the electoral message. This is not the Front against the National Party, this is the Front against the governing coalition. Now the second internal election begins, the internal election of the governing coalition,” the Colorado candidate said.

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