Negotiations, unity speech and surprises

Negotiations, unity speech and surprises
Negotiations, unity speech and surprises

The road to the general elections in the Uruguay have already begun and the results of Sunday night left some bitter tastes and surprises within the main political forces, the Broad Front and the National Party, While in the Colorado Party Uncertainty still reigns over the presidential formula.

Yesterday’s cold election day had the worst citizen participation in the elections since internal elections have been in existence. According to the latest report from the Electoral Court, At 7:30 p.m. yesterday, only 36% of eligible Uruguayans had voted. This was the lowest turnout in history, surpassing the historic low of the 2014 election, with 37%; and falling well below the 40% of 2019.

With this surprise as a premise, although it was also something expected by the pre-candidates who desperately asked voters to exercise their right this Sunday, the election day ended with some unexpected events and others not so much.

The Broad Front, the winner of the night

Yesterday the Court indicated that with 91.5% of the circuits scrutinized, Yamandú Orsi added 59.54% of the votes, leaving behind Carolina Cosse with 37.57% already Andres Lima with 2.88%, while the poll had predicted similar numbers.

In this way, the Broad Front He was the first to make the move in October and made the presidential formula official by establishing Yamandú Orsi as the presidential candidate already Carolina Cosse as vice president for October.

On the other hand, the left-wing party celebrated the electoral flow, being the big winner of the night, surpassing the barrier of 400,000 votes and almost surpassing the 150,000 votes it garnered in 2019.

Surprises in the National Party

The ruling party had a rather apathetic night, with some surprises within the political formula and with low citizen participation.

The now presidential candidate, Alvaro Delgado He obtained 74.54% of the white votes, leaving far behind Laura Raffo with 19.36%. Meanwhile, Jorge Gandini obtained 5.67%, Carlos Iafigliola 0.26% and Roxana Corbran accounted for 0.18%.

In this way, it was clear who would lead the National Party formula. However, one of the great surprises of the night was Delgado’s announcement assuring Valeria Ripoll as a running mate and leaving the one that was supposed to accompany the former Secretary of the Presidency, Laura Raffo.

On the other hand, the presidential candidate decided to burn all the cards by announcing Luis Lacalle Pou as a candidate for senator on their lists. “I asked the president to be part of the team and integrate our lists into the Senate and promised to accompany,” Delgado said in closing his speech.

Meanwhile, Delgado also called for unity after making an unexpected change of running mate. “The unit It is an asset to win and to govern, we have to be clear about it,” said Delgado, who spoke of “a renewed party” compared to the assumption of Lacalle Pou. “We were all hope and expectation. Now we are management, results and hope to continue building a second level of transformations,” he said.

In addition to the surprises, the National Party The party suffered a bitter blow by obtaining one of the worst participations in the primaries, which is traditionally the force with the highest number of votes in the internal elections. In this way, it obtained 292,722 votes in these elections, the lowest electoral participation in the history of Uruguay and also the lowest flow rate within the white space.

Expectations in the Colorado Party

Yesterday the Colorado Party had a clear winner: Andrés Ojeda with 40.16% of the votes, which would make him the presidential candidate for the political force. Meanwhile, he was followed by Robert Silva (22.78%), Gabriel Gurméndez (18.06%), Tabare Viera (17.60%), Carolina Ache (1.16%) and Zaida Gonzalez (0.17%).

In this way, the presidential candidate also called for unity amid the uncertainty about who will accompany him on the ticket in October. “This Colorado Party united will beat the Broad Front in October and November,” Ojeda emphasized.

However, early Monday morning Ojeda said that the news about his running mate for vice president of the Republic would be known soon, specifically expected this afternoon.

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