An AirEuropa flight bound for Montevideo landed in Brazil due to severe turbulence

An AirEuropa flight bound for Montevideo landed in Brazil due to severe turbulence
An AirEuropa flight bound for Montevideo landed in Brazil due to severe turbulence

A flight of the Air Europa airline that left from Madrid bound for Montevideo had to make an emergency landing in the Brazilian city of Natal due to severe turbulence that caused injuries on board the aircraft.

As reported to Ambit he Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The flight “had to make an emergency landing at the airport in Native, due to significant turbulence and the presence of suspected injured people on board.”

Following this, the ministry reported that the passengers, including some Uruguayans, who were traveling on the aircraft and who needed medical attention “were immediately transferred to the Monsignor Walfredo Gurgel Hospital from the city of Native and are being cared for.”

On the other hand, they assured that the Consulate of Uruguay in Brasilia has been in contact with the Hospital and is gathering information and, in turn, “following up on the situation of the compatriots who are there,” according to the Foreign Ministry’s statement.

Meanwhile, the ministry said that the hospital in the Brazilian city of Natal is gathering the necessary information to create a list of patients treated, which will be immediately sent to Montevideo.

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AirEuropa’s response and passengers’ requests

For its part, the company reported, in addition to the diversion of the plane, that it will pick up the passengers this Monday afternoon to take them to Montevideo.

“Our flight UX045 to Montevideo has been diverted to the airport of Native (Brazil) due to strong turbulence. The plane has landed normally and the injuries of varying severity that were recorded are already being treated,” they posted on their social networks.

“This afternoon a plane will take off from Madrid which will pick up the passengers and continue the journey until Uruguay. We will provide more information when we have more data,” they added.

The responses to the airline’s post are from passengers desperate to reach their destination.

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