Valeria Ripoll regretted the campaign against the LUC

Valeria Ripoll regretted the campaign against the LUC
Valeria Ripoll regretted the campaign against the LUC

The presidential running mate of Alvaro Delgado for him National Party, Valeria Ripollsaid he regrets having campaigned against the Urgent Consideration Law (LUC) and admitted that if he could go back in time, he would not make the same decision.

“Why was I standing there against the LUCK? Because if you question the tool of a Urgent Consideration Law which has more than 500 articles and your question is about the form, you cannot go only against the articles that the Broad Frontso as not to go with him FA”, the candidate commented in an interview on Radio Mundo.

In this sense, he raised the contradiction that his position generated in him. “I am a person who normally does not regret the decisions I made because they have to do with the role, the time and the place I was in or occupied,” he said.

However, he had no problem admitting that, at the time, he was mistaken and assured that if he could, he would turn back time. “The truth is that I could go back, I have to admit that with the LUCK “I was wrong,” he stressed.

With this, Ripoll explained that they had the Cuesta Duarte Institute as a reference and that they had a bad prognosis for the LUC. “The prognosis was totally wrong, so if time could go back today, it would not be the same decision,” he said.

Delgado’s defense

During his campaign, the presidential candidate strongly defended the LUC. “The government presented a bill that was the backbone of the legal framework for working. The other day it was the National Adoption Day in Uruguay. Adoptions in Uruguay They had a long list of families who wanted to adopt and a number of children who were in the homes of the INAU waiting to be adopted. And the truth is that the process was very bureaucratic,” she said.

“The LUCK “What it generated is a much faster adoption mechanism, with a guarantee of justice always,” he stressed. “In 2021 we had a record of 125 adoptions. In 2022 we had 153. In 2023 we had 165. Every additional child that was adopted, it was worth having fought for the LUCK… “It was worth fighting for the LUC!” he added.

Another of the topics that Delgado highlighted was the system of renting homes without guarantees“They told us everything, that there was going to be an express eviction and so much more. There was not one, there was not one. But it did create the possibility of renting for many people who do not have guarantees, for many elderly people, for many couples and for many young people who go to study in Montevideo,” he stressed.

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