Are we Austrians really that unfriendly?

Are we Austrians really that unfriendly?
Are we Austrians really that unfriendly?

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In the subcategory “Local friendliness”, the Alpine republic came in 52nd place, the second to last place, in a survey conducted by “Expat Insider” among 12,500 people. Only the residents of Kuwait are more unfriendly.

Overall, Austria came 24th out of 53 countries in the ranking. However, it did achieve a top ranking in the quality of life category (second place). Since 2014, Austria has regularly been among the top ten countries in this index and, according to “Expat Insider”, excels in four of the five subcategories: “Travel & Transport” (second place), “Environment & Climate” (third place), healthcare (ninth place) and security (tenth place).

Settling in as a challenge

However, settling in Austria is a challenge for expats – accordingly, the Alpine republic only came in 49th place here. Finding friends is not easy either: Austria came in 42nd place in this subcategory. 57 percent of respondents agreed that it is difficult to find local friends (41 percent worldwide). 41 percent of expats say that locals are generally not friendly towards foreign residents (20 percent worldwide), and 31 percent did not feel welcome and found it difficult to get used to the local culture (17 and 21 percent worldwide respectively).

The most challenging aspect is the language (43rd place). More than a third of expats (36 percent) found it difficult to live in Austria without knowledge of the local language (33 percent worldwide). Almost two thirds found it difficult to learn the language (40 percent worldwide).

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