Yamandú Orsi and Carolina Cosse met to outline the campaign leading up to October

Yamandú Orsi and Carolina Cosse met to outline the campaign leading up to October
Yamandú Orsi and Carolina Cosse met to outline the campaign leading up to October

The presidential candidate for the Broad Front (FA), Yamandú Orsimet with the candidate for vice president of the Republic, Carolina Cosseto outline the unity campaign and unify the electoral proposals on the road to the elections in October.

This Tuesday, the Frente Amplio formula held a meeting in which the president of the political force, Fernando Pereiraand its vice president, Veronica PineiroA meeting will take place on Thursday with the secretary of the FA to continue advancing in the relationship.

Through his X account (formerly Twitter), the former mayor of cannelloni He said: “Unite to win, unite to govern, unite to change. We are with Carolina on that.” Meanwhile, the official FA account issued a brief message on the same social network: “Our formula is working for the future.”

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The FA electoral duo seeks to consolidate an image of programmatic unity in the face of its membership in the run-up to the general elections, in their first meeting together since Orsi publicly announced the formula in the Seregni’s footprintOn the other hand, they will try to define the common points of each of the positions around the programmatic axes of the FA.

Orsi’s campaign team hopes to join forces with Cosse’s, as they understand that Cosse has valuable people in its ranks, who will be able to contribute a lot to building a potential FA victory.

“There are no nuances in the program,” Orsi clarified.

After the meeting, the candidates held a press conference where Orsi clarified that “there are no differences in the program” with his candidate for vice president. “There are different emphases and we have to re-establish working groups where we begin to define the lines and go in depth with the content,” he said.

He former mayor of Canelones He admitted that “it is viable” to add the Country Plan Cosse. “I agree with many of the lines, you have to listen to the rest of the Broad Front”, raised in this regard.

In turn, Cosse said that the strategy for October is simple. “The Frente Amplio is united, working step by step and without pause,” she stressed and said that now the meetings are “to begin to sort out the questions” that exist behind closed doors.

“It is the most powerful formula that Uruguayan politics has”

Yesterday, Pereira He highlighted the Orsi-Cosse formula as “the most powerful in Uruguayan politics” and expressed confidence that it “will win the election.”

In this regard, the party leader assured that the FA “took a correct measure, planned it for a year, worked on the construction of this formula, and promoted its candidates so that they would arrive in the best conditions.”

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