Andrés Ojeda said that Uruguay must maintain a present and functional State

Andrés Ojeda said that Uruguay must maintain a present and functional State
Andrés Ojeda said that Uruguay must maintain a present and functional State

He presidential candidate of the Colorado Party (PC), Andres Ojedaassured that the Uruguay must maintain a “State” presence and noted that it has “nuances” with the way in which the government managed the economy throughout the pandemic by Covid-19.

This Tuesday, interviewed on the streaming channel Fear of Success, the former councilor of Montevideo He pointed out that “there are many fundamental differences” between the PC and the National Party (PN)as well as between him and the nationalist candidate Alvaro Delgado.

“Obviously, we represent very different things. Álvaro (Delgado) is pure government and management, and we are renewal, hope and the future. We are clearly different,” Ojeda stressed.

“I fully agree with the government’s economic line, I would have liked perhaps to have some deeper social nuance, I think that sometimes we celebrate some balance, especially in a pandemic, when we should have been more generous,” he reflected on the matter.

In this sense, Ojeda praised the speech he gave in April President Luis Lacalle Pou in Argentinawhen he was invited by the Fundación Libertad, where he defended the idea of ​​”a strong State.” “It is an important political definition,” he said about the Herrera politician.

“The market and the State are not enemies”

Ojeda also stressed that “the market and the State are not enemies” and that Uruguay must have “a State that is present, efficient and functional in the things it has to do.”

In this regard, he said he did not agree with reducing the State per se, but acknowledged that he would discuss reductions in certain areas. “The effort is towards the effectiveness of the State, reducing it, I discuss it, but tell me what we are going to reduce, not in general terms,” ​​he said.

In another order, he said that if the Broad Front (FA) rejects Gabriel Odonne as a candidate for Minister of Economy of the formula Yamandú Orsi-Carolina Cossemakes room for it in “two minutes” inside the PC.

“It seems that everything he says is more ours than theirs,” he said about the professional, who faces resistance among the hardest wing of the FA.

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