All clear at Lake Garda?

All clear at Lake Garda?
All clear at Lake Garda?

Holiday destination Lake Garda

In a video on his social networks, Mayor Stefano Nicotra stressed that the water from the municipality’s pipes was drinkable again. Nicotra lifted a ban on using tap water for drinking and cooking that had been in place since June 28.

The decision was taken after samples from the municipality’s aqueduct tested negative for norovirus. The results of the samples were all within the prescribed limits.

Mayor Nicotra confirmed that the lake’s water had never been a problem. A bathing ban had only been imposed as a precautionary measure, which was lifted on Tuesday.

Since 27 June, Torri del Benaco Hundreds of people fell ill with acute gastroenteritis. Around 60 patients also went to the emergency rooms.

After the discovery of the problem, the aqueduct was Torri del Benaco was isolated from the water pipes of the neighboring villages. “We have also carried out checks in the neighboring communities and everything is fine,” said Nicotra. He criticized the serious damage to Lake Garda’s image due to the incident.

The outbreak is believed to have originated in the water supply. Norovirus was detected in two samples analyzed from patients who had visited the emergency room. Although it is still unknown how it was able to spread in the town, it is suspected that the sewage system was overloaded. The contamination could have been caused by recent floods that washed sewage into Lake Garda. After heavy rainfall, the lake is currently carrying significantly more water than usual at this time of year.

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