Relaunch of the “Look at Linz” app

Relaunch of the “Look at Linz” app
Relaunch of the “Look at Linz” app

Mayor Klaus Luger, municipal director Ulrike Huemer and ICT managing director Markus Hein (vr) presented the new app “Look at Linz”.

Since the beginning of 2013, Linz residents have had a direct line to the city administration. On the digital platform “Look at Linz” you can report grievances such as broken street lighting, illegal dumping of rubbish or dirty traffic areas. You will receive feedback within a short time as to whether and how the grievance can be remedied. In 2023 alone, a total of 5,522 reports were received in this way, and the city council’s employees can usually deal with more than half of them positively.

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One photo is enough

The app has now been revised and is now available for download. The app is now directly connected to the municipal authority’s internal ticket system, meaning that reports reach the relevant departments even faster. Registration is not necessary. Feedback is provided via push notification. “Simply uploading a photo to the app is enough to create a ticket in the Citizens’ Service and inform the city administration about the specific issue,” says municipal director Ulrike Huemer. The comment function is also available in the new app.

Website is offline

The most frequently discussed topic last year was waste disposal with 1,092 cases, followed by “other traffic measures” (808), green waste (605) and damage to traffic areas (549).”80 percent of all Internet access in Austria now occurs via mobile devices – and the trend is rising,” says Mayor Klaus Luger (SP). The new app means the end for the website; after a user analysis, it will no longer be continued.

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