Chase at 200 km/h: warning shots could not stop Linzer

Chase at 200 km/h: warning shots could not stop Linzer
Chase at 200 km/h: warning shots could not stop Linzer

A police patrol became aware of the man from Linz. (Symbolic image)

The man, who is in custody, evaded a traffic check on the Innkreis Autobahn (A8) near Meggenhofen (Grieskirchen district) on June 10. While fleeing, he sped along the motorway and two federal highways at 200 km/h. Even warning shots from the police did not stop him. He finally jumped over a railing into an underpass, the police reported on Thursday.

Ghost ride on the A8

The man, who had a previous conviction, had been noticed by a patrol of the immigration police because of his driving style. However, he ignored orders to stop. He stepped on the gas and initially sped towards Suben at 200 km/h. At Aistersheim, he tried to hide with his car in a parking lot, but failed. When the officers approached the vehicle, he drove back to the motorway as a wrong-way driver. His escape then took him along federal highways – again at 200 km/h – to Grieskirchen, where he left the car in a dead end and ran away. When the police fired warning shots, he jumped over a railing about four to five metres down and landed in a railway underpass.

Charges on several counts

A manhunt that day was unsuccessful. However, he was tracked down and arrested on July 2. The Wels public prosecutor’s office has now filed charges of suppression of documents – the license plates were stolen – as well as resistance to state authority, coercion and endangering physical safety. The penalty is up to four and a half years in prison.

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