Laura Raffo has her first meeting with Álvaro Delgado after being left out of the formula

Laura Raffo has her first meeting with Álvaro Delgado after being left out of the formula
Laura Raffo has her first meeting with Álvaro Delgado after being left out of the formula

The presidential candidate for the National Party, Alvaro Delgado, will meet for the first time this Thursday with Laura Raffo, after the internal elections where the results left her out of the presidential formula, being replaced by Valeria Ripoll, a questioned character within the political force.

The inter-party elections yielded overwhelming results for the former Secretary of State Presidency who won 70% of the votes, compared to a weakened Laura Raffo who barely managed 20%. This gave Delgado the freedom to choose another running mate for the general elections in October: Valeria Ripoll.

It is against this backdrop that Raffo and Delgado will meet, for the first time since the internal elections, this Thursday afternoon, at around 7:00 p.m. at the presidential candidate’s campaign headquarters on Boulevard Artigas, according to Telemundo.

The meeting of teams in search of unity

Prior to the meeting between the political leaders, both technical teams met yesterday with the aim of coordinating government programs, under the premise that unity prevails in the National Party.

In this way, the coordinator of the Raffo teams, Valentina Arlegui, and its pair referenced on Delgado’s wing, Augustin Iturralde, They gave details of the work meeting, in which representatives of the other former candidates’ areas also participated.

“It was the first meeting of technical teams to begin to share proposals and, in a united way, to face a good program for the convention in October and, with that, begin the electoral campaign,” said Arlegui.

The coordinators highlighted the “programmatic consistency” in the proposals of both candidates, and detailed some coincidences between the programs such as the cost of living, employment, educational transformation and state reforms. “The harmony is very clear, in some cases emphasis will have to be placed and this will serve to enrich, but we hardly detected any issues that need to be settled,” he explained. Iturralde, who assured that it will be a very good process.

In this regard, the team representatives announced that by the end of the month the objective is to have the unique program of the National Party.

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