AK test: Women often have to pay more for the same performance

The AK criticises that women have to pay up to 30 percent more at the hairdresser for the same service.

A recent survey by the Salzburg Chamber of Labor (AK) found that the so-called “pink tax” on hygiene products, hairdressers, and dry cleaning of clothes is up to 30 percent. For example, around eight out of ten hairdressing salons in Salzburg charged different prices for a short haircut for women and men.

“Gender pricing” at the hairdresser

For the same service or the same amount of time, women with short hair would pay an average of 38.70 euros and men 29.20 euros – a difference of 32.7 percent, the AK said in a press release on Thursday. “In this case, we speak of gender pricing,” said consumer advocate Martina Plazer, “the prices are not linked to the services offered, but are based on the gender of the customer.”

The consumer advocates also found differences in almost every second dry cleaner: cleaning and hand-ironing blouses is on average 29 percent more expensive than a men’s shirt – women pay an average of 7.50 euros, men 5.80 euros. “When we confronted the businesses with the price difference, they could not give us an explanation,” said the AK consumer advocate.

Differences in hygiene products

The test for hygiene products was already carried out last year. The prices in the online shops of the three large drugstore chains were examined. In six of the ten product groups examined, the prices for women were higher than for men. The most striking difference was for disposable razors at 68 percent, and for shower gels it was 51 percent.

AK Women’s Officer Ines Grössenberger therefore calls for “equal prices for everyone – regardless of gender. Prices must be calculated without discrimination and based on objective and gender-neutral criteria.”

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