We are going to focus on the campaign and we are not going to leave there.

We are going to focus on the campaign and we are not going to leave there.
We are going to focus on the campaign and we are not going to leave there.

The former vice president, Lucia Topolansky, He announced what the position of the Popular Participation Movement (MPP) aboutThe plebiscite for the reform of social security validated yesterday by the Electoral Court and assured that they will focus on the general elections in October.

This Wednesday the Electoral Court finished validating the necessary adhesions so that the plebiscite on social security can be voted on in October. The position of the political leaders of the Broad Front Regarding the initiative, he generated controversy after the movement gave him free rein on his positions.

However, the former vice president stressed that the MPP will not focus on the discussion of whether or not to support the plebiscite. “Our fundamental militancy will be to get to the government. We cannot be distracted for a minute. If we do not get there we do not have the tools to change anything,” stressed Topolansky and assured that “they cannot be distracted for a minute.”

Regarding the possibility that the different positions within the Frente Amplio could condition the elections, he replied: “Not in the least. It has happened in a lot of plebiscites, in the last one by Larrañaga there were people from the National Party who voted and others who did not. It is not a drama.”

“They have brought up a drama that is not appropriate, people’s problems are global, they have many other things. We are going to focus on the campaign and we are not going to leave that,” he added.

The discomfort of the Broad Front

The unity of the Broad Front represented in the Yamandú Orsi formula – Carolina Cosse The party will face some difficulties in terms of reconciling the programmatic proposals, despite having the left-wing coalition program as a common basic structure. The position regarding the plebiscite could be one of the most uncomfortable points, especially since it has already generated tensions and insecurities within the party.

In this regard, Orsi spoke at the end of the meeting with Cosse – in which the strategy for October began to be defined and where, surely, the plebiscite was one of the points discussed—and reiterated that the Broad Front gave leeway regarding the proposal of the trade union center. It should be remembered that the mayor of Montevideo on leave had signed the ballot, arguing the need to give citizens the opportunity to decide; while the former mayor of cannelloni had shown his disagreement from the very beginning.

Once the signatures were obtained, both preferred not to continue giving their opinion, although the mystery remained more about Cosse – due to the position of the political support of his pre-candidacy—, so one question is what they will decide on the matter now that they are the presidential duo of the left-wing coalition.

Anyway, Orsi confirmed that the Broad Front “The issue is being analyzed” and they will adhere to the decision taken by the political force, still in line with freedom of action. “These are issues that are still being analyzed,” he insisted, without ruling out the possibility of new pronouncements.

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