Fake Red Cross employee on the move in Wels

Red Cross distances itself from collectors.

At least since the beginning of June, a currently unknown person is said to have carried out unauthorized house collections. He is said to have been active primarily in the Wels district of Neustadt/Vogelweise.

Police ask for information

The person is said to have been dressed in a Red Cross uniform and attempted to fraudulently collect donations at people’s doors. The police and Red Cross were first informed of the unauthorized collections on June 26.

“We found out about it because a few people called us and complained about the alleged fundraising campaign,” says the Red Cross. Collecting cash is not usual. As a general rule, Red Cross employees wear uniform and carry an ID card with them.” Anyone who is unsure about fundraisers can ask for their ID card. Donations are collected digitally using a tablet; the Red Cross does not collect cash. Anyone who is not sure at all can also call the respective district offices at any time and ask whether fundraising campaigns are currently underway.

The Wels-Neustadt police are now looking for further victims of the alleged fraud, whether attempted or completed. Information is requested by calling 059133/4193-111 or by email to [email protected].

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