We are all in the same boat, stressed Laura Raffo after her meeting with Álvaro Delgado

We are all in the same boat, stressed Laura Raffo after her meeting with Álvaro Delgado
We are all in the same boat, stressed Laura Raffo after her meeting with Álvaro Delgado

The economist and former nationalist candidate. Laura Raffomet this Thursday with the presidential candidate of National Party (PN), Alvaro Delgado After the overwhelming result of the internal elections, where the difference in votes left her out of the presidential formula, being replaced by Valeria Ripollwho is questioned by some sectors of the political force.

After the meeting with Slim, Raffo She said at a press conference that they are now “all in the same boat” and that the path to a potential new PN government “is just beginning.” She also stressed that her new role in the campaign will be to work on uniting the party as “one more white woman.”

Raffostated that this meeting with Slim It was “necessary” and “important” for the unity of the party. “I am not going to change my principles for an election result, I am whiter than ever, I continue to put Uruguayans first,” she emphasized.

“I will work with all my strength to ensure that the PN is united, so that we have a great election together with the other parties in the coalition and so that we can ensure that these transformations initiated by the government of Luis Lacalle Pou continue,” he continued.

“I am very grateful to all the people who voted for us, who worked all over the country, who went out to campaign, I feel a great responsibility,” she acknowledged. “This is a path that has just begun for all of us, we will continue to travel it together,” she insisted.

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In addition, Raffo He recalled that on election Sunday Slim She contacted her by phone to announce that she would not be included in the formula, and that although this motivated all kinds of comments within her work team, for her “unity always prevailed.”

In another order, the former nationalist presidential candidate regretted the recent resignation of the PN Former prosecutor Gabriela Fossatiafter the news that Ripoll would be the candidate for vice president of the Republic, since she “had contributed a lot technically to the programs”, but indicated that it is “a personal decision.”

The meeting of teams in search of unity

Prior to the meeting between the political leaders, both technical teams met yesterday with the aim of harmonizing government programs under the premise of unity.

In this way, the coordinator of the teams of Raffo, Valentina Arlegui, and its pair referenced in the wing of Slim, Augustin Iturraldegave details of the work meeting, in which representatives of the other former pre-candidates’ area also participated.

“It was the first meeting of technical teams to begin to share proposals and, in a united way, to face a good program for the convention in October and, with that, begin the electoral campaign,” said Arlegui.

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