The bizarre exit of a football star

Football player Antonio Brown of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers provoked the next scandal in the NFL and was kicked off the team by his coach afterwards. “He’s no longer a Buc,” said coach Bruce Arians after the defending champion’s 28:24 win at the New York Jets.

Brown was so upset in the third quarter of the game that he took off his shirt and left the field. The 33-year-old had been replaced by Arians. His teammate Mike Evans tried in vain to stop the eccentric. Brown tossed his shirt and gloves to fans in the stands. With a bare chest he let himself be celebrated and then marched into the cabin.

“It’s a difficult situation,” said Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. “Everyone should do what he can to help him as he needs it. We all love him. He is very important to us,” said the 44-year-old. “We want to see him in his best form, but unfortunately it won’t be on our team anymore.”

You have a lot of friendships that will last, Brady said. The most important thing about football is relationships with friends and teammates. “You are going beyond the game. We should all be compassionate and empathetic now.”

Brown is considered an enfant terrible in the NFL. At the beginning of last season he switched to the Bucs and was banned from the league for a breach of the code of conduct for the first eight weeks, but then the veteran was in top form and won the Super Bowl with his team.

Most recently, Brown was banned from three games because of a forged vaccination card. The inglorious departure from the stadium followed on Sunday. According to the US media, Brown asked a police officer if he could drive him to the airport in his patrol car because he did not have his wallet with him. Unsurprisingly, this request was refused. Photos later surfaced showing Brown waiting for a lift in front of the arena with a bag and baggage. That night, Brown hit up his social media channels by saying, “Super Gremlin. Football is what we do, not who we are! Love.”

That was not all. Brown also released his new song “Pit Not The Palace”. However, that became a marginal phenomenon.

Source: Nachrichten

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