Hurricane “Beryl” is heading towards the US coast

Devastating damage in Jamaica caused by hurricane “Beryl”

On Sunday, “Beryl” is expected to reach hurricane strength again just off the coast between the USA and Mexico, the US Hurricane Center warns.

According to meteorologists, the US state of Texas is threatened by dangerous wind damage and storm surges. Texas authorities have called on coastal residents to prepare for the storm. “Beryl” is currently still hundreds of kilometers away from the threatened areas on the border between the USA and Mexico.

In Mexico, “Beryl” hit the Yucatán Peninsula near the seaside resort of Tulum on Friday as a category 2 hurricane with sustained wind speeds of up to 175 kilometers per hour. Its strong winds caused a lot of damage: trees and street signs fell over, and power went out in large parts of the popular holiday region. However, the destruction was less drastic than feared. No fatalities were initially reported.

11 dead in the Caribbean

Before that, “Beryl” had swept across several Caribbean islands and left a trail of devastation. At least eleven people were killed, and on some Caribbean islands, according to the UN emergency relief office OCHA in Geneva, more than 90 percent of the houses were damaged or destroyed. At one point, “Beryl” was classified as a Category 5 hurricane with wind speeds of around 270 kilometers per hour.

According to the electricity provider JPS, more than half of the households in Jamaica are still without electricity. According to OCHA, 40,000 people in the island state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines have been affected by the storm, 100,000 in Grenada and 120,000 in Jamaica.

Never before has such a strong storm been recorded so early in the Atlantic hurricane season. The season begins in June and lasts for six months. Warmer sea water as a result of climate change makes strong hurricanes more likely.

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